Real Music: Let’s Bring it Back

Today’s music is not relatable and has no substance; there is a disconnection between the artist and the fan. I do not know how it feels to throw a stack of ones in the air at a strip club, but I do know how it feels to breakup with someone and perp’ to myself that I aint’ gone miss them anyway. Most people when they listen to music don’t listen to the lyrics; they groove and move to the beats. If they were to sit down and listen to what a rapper was really rapping about, they would hear garbage riding off a nice beat.

Rappers rap about the material things they have and talk down to their listeners. For instance, “when a rich n*gga want you, and your man can’t do nothing for you”—lyrics from a Chris Brown song featuring a plethora of artist. These artists just told all their male fans that they can take their women and there is nothing that they can do about it.  They just made a mockery of all their fans and their fans sit back and sing the song, not paying attention to the fact that they are talking about them.

I was elated when I ran across an artist as I was posting on Facebook. I clicked on the link and to my surprise—I actually heard something that I could vibe to; It really sound good and the lyrics were relatable.

I bring this artist to you, Yung Wreckless, and ask you to not only groove to the beat, but to also listen to his lyrics. I don’t know if he’s on the come up, but I do know I like what I hear, and I hope music goes back in the direction where the artist was the voice of the people and the lyrics were relatable.


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